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Listed roughly in reverse chronological order (i.e. most recent trip first):
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click to expand/collapseWinter 2006
click to expand/collapseOverview (Feb - Mar 2006) 4 regions
click to expand/collapseKenya (Feb 2006)
  • Nairobi inc. downtown, Maasai, storks, Carnivore restaurant
  • En Route inc. equator
  • Mt Kenya inc. hike to cave and waterfall
  • click to expand/collapseSamburu NR
    • In/Outbound zebra, ostriches, dik-dik, oryx
    • Lodge birds, elephants, monkeys, baboons, giraffes, gerenuk, crocodile, lizard, beetle
    • Game Drive #1 antelopes, elephants, giraffes, water buffalo
    • Game Drive #2 eagle, lion, water buffalo, antelope, baboons, giraffes
    • Tribal Village colourful tribal villagers, kids
    • Game Drive #3 lionesses, giraffes, vultures, crocodile, antelope
  • Thomson Falls waterfall, dressy tribespeople
  • Lake Nakuru NP flamingos, storks, pelicans, eagles, white rhino (baby!), warthogs, water buffalo
  • click to expand/collapseMasai Mara NR
    • In/Outbound wildebeest, water buffalo (baby!), black rhino, warthog
    • Tribal Village colourful tribal villagers, kids
    • Game Drive #1 antelopes (hartebeest, topi), lions (cubs!), hippo, eagle, vulture, antelope, giraffe
    • Cheetah 2 cubs hanging out while momma chases
    • Lodge inc. group photo
    • Game Drive #2 water buffalo, elephants (baby!), hippos, wildebeest, zebra (baby!), lizard, stork
    • Lion Kill Warning: not for the faint of heart!
    • Game Drive #3 lions, hyena, vulture, topi, stork
click to expand/collapseTanzania (Feb 2006)
  • Arusha
  • click to expand/collapseLake Manyara NP
    • Morning monkeys, elephants (baby!), warthogs (baby!), giraffes
    • Afternoon bird, giraffe (baby!)
  • click to expand/collapseSerengeti NP
    • Tribal Village colourful tribal villagers, kids
    • Day 1 beetle, lizards, lionesses, Grant's gazelle, wildebeest (baby!), water buffalo, hyena
    • Lodge rock hyraxes, lizard, beetle
    • Day 2 Morning lions (cubs!), jackals
    • Lion Kill Warning: not for the faint of heart!
    • Day 2 Afternoon wildebeest (baby!), lions (mating!), bird, zebras, giraffes
    • Leopard in, down and up a tree
    • Camp tent, sunrise, weaver bird in nest
    • Day 3 hippos, birds
  • click to expand/collapseNgorongoro CA
    • Crater Rim actually seen on the way to the Serengeti a few days earlier
    • En Route inc. Olduvai Gorge
    • Lodge sunset
    • Morning birds (multiple), bat-eared foxes, black rhinos (baby!), hyenas, wildebeest (baby!), antelopes (eland...)
    • Water Hole eagle, hippos, birds, wildebeest (baby!)
    • Mid Day black rhinos, eland, cheetah, antelopes, ostriches
    • Afternoon hawk, wasp
  • Karatu barbershop, snake, baby crocodile
  • Marangu near Mt Kilimanjaro base; waterfall, local kids, banana beer
  • Moshi view of Mt Kilimanjaro
click to expand/collapseZanzibar (Feb 2006)
  • Stone Town views from airplane, hotels, Gizenga St, town beaches, taarab orchestra
  • Spice Tour spices, fruits, slave cave and beach
  • click to expand/collapseKendwa Beach
    • Hotel hotel grounds, beach, sick Susan, lobster dinner
    • Nearby art, Maasai, Vervet monkey on Susan
    • The Beach us in blue water, fishing boats, water's edge
    • Sea fishermen, underwater, boating past Nungwi
    • Sunsets dhows, fishermen, fabulous sunsets
click to expand/collapseSouth Africa (Mar 2006)
click to expand/collapseSpring 2005
click to expand/collapseAntigua (May - June 2005) 6 island nations
click to expand/collapseDominica (May 2005)
click to expand/collapseBVI (May 2005)
click to expand/collapseSt Lucia (May 2005)
click to expand/collapseSVG (May 2005)
click to expand/collapseGrenada (June 2005)
click to expand/collapseUSA (late Mar 2005)
click to expand/collapseWinter 2005
click to expand/collapseBelgium (March 2005)
click to expand/collapsePanama (Dec 2004 - Jan 2005)
click to expand/collapseFall 2004
click to expand/collapseUSA (Dec 2004)
click to expand/collapseCanada Fall (2004)
click to expand/collapseSummer 2004
click to expand/collapseCanada (Aug 2004)
click to expand/collapseFall 2003
click to expand/collapseUSA (Dec 2003)
click to expand/collapseCanada (Xmas 2003)
click to expand/collapseSummer 2003
click to expand/collapseScotland (Jun - Jul 2003)
click to expand/collapseFrance (late Jul - mid Aug 2003)
click to expand/collapseGermany (mid - late Aug 2003)
click to expand/collapseIceland (late Aug 2003)
click to expand/collapseSpring 2003
click to expand/collapseUSA (May 2003)
click to expand/collapseWinter 2003
click to expand/collapseAustralia (Dec 2003 - mid Jan 2004)
  • click country name to see archived slideshow
click to expand/collapseMalaysia (mid Jan 2003)
  • click country name to see archived slideshow
click to expand/collapseThailand (late Jan - mid Feb 2003)
  • click country name to see archived slideshow
click to expand/collapseVietnam (mid Feb - early Mar 2003)
  • click country name to see archived slideshow
click to expand/collapseNew Zealand (mid Mar 2003)
  • click country name to see archived slideshow

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